The Hungarian (Californian) Olympic Skier Who Can’t Actually Ski is the Hero We Deserve

Yahoo Sports – Let’s not beat around the bush: Elizabeth Swaney is not a good freestyle skier. She can’t do any tricks, can’t get any air, can’t do anything but go up and down the halfpipe like anyone at the local bunny hill might. And yet there Swaney was on Monday, one of 24 skiers competing in the qualifiers of the ladies’ halfpipe at the Winter Olympics…Well, if showing up is 80 percent of life, showing up for ladies’ halfpipe qualifiers must be at least 80 percent when it comes to making the Olympics. As Jason Blevins of the Denver Post explains, the international field for ladies’ halfpipe is not exceedingly deep. Qualifying for the Olympics involves recording a certain number of top-30 finishes in qualifying events and many of these events don’t even feature 30 people. So Swaney burned up the globe, attending qualifiers in places like China, South Korea, Italy, Canada and New Zealand.

Snake it til you make it isn’t just a motto I like to live by, its a creed. And that is exactly what our latest hero Elizabeth Swaney is doing here.

That woman does not belong anywhere near the Olympics, yet here she is on live TV just coasting down the mountain like someone simply trying to not take a digger after having a half dozen Sam Adams for brunch at the lodge.

The movie Office Space struck a chord with me very early in life and that message is any job is going to slowly put you in the grave. So do the bare minimum and save your mental facilities for more important things. Thats why this Olympic skier is the hero we deserve.

She completely gained the system. She was literally just showing up to these events and putting in the face time to qualify for the motherfucking Olympics. Apparently the rules state you need to place in the top 30 in a certain number of events. The only problem is a lot of these races didn’t even field 30 women and in some cases other people ate shit and all she had to do was not fall down to avoid a last place finish. And for that level of snaking it she was rewarded with a spot in the 2018 Winter Olympics. Bravo. After all that hard work she rewarded us with a show for the ages and I for one respect the hell out of that. Hate the player not the game.

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