Is Shohei Ohtani Charmin Soft for Asking Fans to Be Quiet When He Hits?

Yahoo – USA Today reported that three women who were sitting behind the visitors’ dugout at Kauffman Stadium on Friday night for the Angels game against the Kansas City Royals were asked by stadium security to stop cheering so loudly during Shohei Ohtani’s at-bats. The message reportedly came from the Angels dugout.. The women, who were Japanese exchange students, had no problem quieting down. And they didn’t just quiet down, they fell completely silent during Ohtani’s next at-bat. After the game, a 5-4 for the Angels in which Ohtani went 2-for-4 with a double, Ohtani’s translator Ippei Mizuhara shed a little light on the situation to USA Today. “He heard it, he’s thankful for the cheers,’’ said Ippei Mizuhara, Ohtani’s interpreter, “but at the plate, he likes to focus and block out the noise.” Ohtani, as is his way, focused on the effect it had on the team as a whole. “I was aware of that,’’ Ohtani said, “but I wasn’t the one that asked for that. (The Angels) just did it so everyone could focus at the plate. “I was thankful for that.”

If I’m an Angels fan I would be RATTLED by this story. You mean the guy that of all the places he could have signed with he chose the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim? The guy that dodged every single big market. That guy is now complaining that fans are CHEERING too loud for him? Ohtani said he didn’t actually request it, but he appreciated it. Ya sure thing buddy. I’m sure Mike Trout knows how tough cheering fans can be so he made security tell these 3 college kids to pipe down.

Now Ohtani has been incredible to start his career so this isn’t really a huge story. Yet. But if and when he hits some turbulence I will be fascinated to see how he responds. Does he block it all out and get back on track without issue? Or does he crumble because everyone is yelling at him?

This was at a home game by the way. Just wait until he plays a big game on the road. Red Sox and Yankees fans are going to have a field day with this. Just imagine trying to tell these boozed up degenerates they need to be quiet so Shohei can concentrate at the plate. Good. Luck.

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