The New York Islanders Just Fired Garth Snow and I FEEL ALIVE


ESPN-  The New York Islanders have fired general manager Garth Snow and coach Doug Weight, the organization’s first major decision under Lou Lamoriello. The Islanders announced Tuesday that Lamoriello, who was hired last month as the team’s president of hockey operations, also would assume the role of GM and would oversee the hiring of New York’s new coach. Snow, who had been the Islanders’ GM since 2006, and Weight, the team’s coach since January 2017, will remain with the organization in unspecified roles.

YES! YES! YES! Oh my god I can barely contain my excitement. Jesus Christ himself has returned in the form of Lou Lamoriello to save the Islanders from the GM/back-up goalie from hell, Garth Snow. Snow has been in charge of the team since I was in high school, and the damage he’s done to a once storied franchise can finally come to an end. Snow was ripped straight from the bench (I’m not kidding) and thrust into the GM position under previous ownership and ever since then has been the punch line of every hockey joke this side of Manhattan. Also fired was head coach Doug Weight, who I kind of feel bad for, but he had his fair share of chances to step up last season and proved to be a mediocre coach at best.

If anything, this move proves my boy Lou does not mess around. He was brought in to save this franchise and so far he’s made the most important move we could make for this franchise’s future. With John Tavares being an UFA July 1st, we needed to prove to the soon to be $10 million dollar man that this organization isn’t just the little brother of the big bad Rangers (or bastard step-child, depending on your preference.) Lamoriello has brought myself and the rest of Isles Nation hope that our All-Star captain will stick around on the island for the long haul, something I would never have dreamed of only a month ago. There’s almost too much to be positive about around the Islanders these days. Don’t forget, a new arena is on the horizon slated to open at Belmont Racetrack within the next 2 years. If the Isles can somehow convince Tavares to stay, well then it is officially on in the Eastern Conference (we still need a goalie, I am well aware.)

P.S. Previous Islanders head coach Jack Capuano (who I will not tombstone on this happiest of hockey days) once lived in the basement of GM Garth Snow’s house. There were rumors circulating forever that the reason Snow didn’t let go of Capuano sooner was because of the living situation.  This is the kind of nonsense i’ve had to deal with for the past 12 years. Thank god it’s finally over. The circus has finally left town.

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