JD Martinez in Hot Water for an Old Instagram Post Quoting Hitler

Boston HeraldWelcome, Red Sox slugger J.D. Martinez, to the ever-expanding list of professional athletes whose social-media posts have been dug up, dusted off and placed on a pedestal for a fresh round of public examination. The problem this time is that we aren’t wringing our hands over decaying tweets from silly, uninformed teenagers who just happen to have ripened into big-league baseball players.

This time it’s an old Instagram post from a grown-up J.D. Martinez that uses Adolf Hitler to make a point about the evils of gun control. He posted it on Jan. 10, 2013. He was 25 years old, and soon to begin his third major-league season. It began making the rounds on Twitter on Sunday night, an old post with a fresh coat of paint and millions of new eyes.

The Instagram post includes a photo of Hitler with this quote, purportedly from Hitler in 1933: “To conquer a nation, First disarm it’s (sic) citizens.”  Martinez added his own commentary to the post: “This is why I always stay strapped! #thetruth”

Notttt a great look for Just Dingers Martinez here. I’m honestly surprised this hasn’t gotten more attention as it seems people have been tweeting about it for the past couple of days. Steve Buckley wrote about it in the Herald yesterday though, ripping JD, quite eloquently, for his abysmal knowledge of history.

“By almost all accounts, Hitler never uttered the words that were attributed to him in the Instagram post. He did, in the 1940s, make a comment that “the most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to permit the conquered eastern peoples to have arms.”

Hitler was referring to parts of Eastern Europe and Russia that he had already conquered, not to 1933 Germany. Applying the quote to 1933 suggests that Hitler and his thugs never would have come to power if only German citizens, Jews especially, had been able to use their guns to wipe out all the Nazis.

Crippled by economic chaos and a stunning loss of identity following World War I, Germans were left wanting for someone they believed could guide them out of the abyss. Along came Hitler, and millions of Germans were attracted to his message. They were not under gunpoint when they cheered Hitler at all those rallies.”

Now I despise the people that call for a guy’s job because of something he tweeted when he was 15 like we’ve seen time and time again and most recently with former top Red Sox prospect and current White Sox pitcher Michael Kopech. Are you really going to hold a guy to a joke he made before he could drive?

This JD IG is from when he was 25 though, which is a full blown adult. I’m not saying he needs to be placed on waivers, but its just a shocking lack of judgement from an adult let alone a professional athlete.

I’m sure the post is meant to be tongue in cheek, but Hitler is really one of the few things you should probably steer clear of. It’s why every athlete needs an “E” from Entourage to double check everything in their lives. A quick “hey you think I should gram this Hitler quote?” would have been shot down by anyone with a working brain.

So no, nobody needs to lose their job, but…

Alex Cora should just leave a history book in JD’s locker this week. No need to publicly flog the guy for an IG post, but probably a good opportunity to learn from a mistake and educate himself.

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