Bruins Practice Cancelled Because All Their Equipment Got Stuck in Customs IN CHINA

If you’re a normal person and you don’t pay attention to preseason hockey then I totally get it; I envy you in fact. However, I couldn’t let the day pass without addressing this story. So just to catch everyone up to speed, the Bruins are currently in China as they’re playing exhibition games against Calgary on Sept. 15 in Shenzhen and Sept. 19 in Beijing.

The bad news? All their equipment got stuck in customs so they had to cancel practice.

Can’t make that up.

The good news? Puck drops Saturday night at 2:30 AM! So when you’re coming back from the bar blind drunk you’ll be able to flip on NHL Network and watch the black and gold til the wee hours. Then they also play on the 19th at 7:30 am so you can have some Bruins with your bacon and eggs that morning.

Hopefully nobody steals any sunglasses though because I don’t think DT45 can get any more Americans out of Chinese prison for shoplifting. That….Trump…..card has already been played. I’ll see myself out.

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