The Walking Dead is Going to Continue for TEN More Years. HAHAHA

YahooIt looks like The Walking Dead TV universe is going to be with us for the foreseeable future, as AMC has revealed plans to keep it going for at least the next 10+ years. Yep, despite the main show’s dwindling ratings and drop in quality, it seems AMC is still banking on the universe to continue for a while longer yet.

The Walking Dead is a universe… and we have a plan to manage over the next decade, plus. That plan is a careful plan to respect the world of the fans of that world,” AMC CEO Josh Sapan said at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia Conference

Listen, I used to be a huge Walking Dead guy. Through the slog of Season 2 before they fired all the writers, took an extended break, and then came back to unleash a barn full of wild zombies and burn down the entire fucking farm.

That was awesome.

I sat through the whole meandering season of the prison, the promise of the Governor before they ran that train into the ground, even all the way up through a guy named Jesus with some sweet karate moves.

I was pretty jacked up for Jeffrey Dean Morgan when he joined the show. He’s such a great actor, he’s great to watch, but the show burned through that good will real quick as it became the same game of possum aka shitty writing where the writers had no idea how to keep the show going without side quests and new bit characters.

That’s before we even talk about the worst kept secret in the world; the Walking Dead is like living in the Matrix. It’s a constant retelling of the same story. The group finds a new home. The group sets up shop and fends off zombies while looting for supplies in the areas around them. A new rival group emerges and they become enemies. We’re treated to 10-12 episodes of build up. Mid-season finale on the brink of a battle. Season premiere is an all out war. Rick and the group win the battle, but need to leave to find a new home. Rinse, repeat.

We saw it with the CDC, we saw it with the Farm, we saw it with the Prison, Woodbury, Alexandria, the Hill.

All. The. Same. Shit.

So I checked out on the Walking Dead last year after 7 seasons. I fully planned on keeping up with it as I had all the episodes recorded on my DVR, but the more time that passed the more I realized I didn’t miss it. Then Season 8 premiered and I would have had to watch 16 episodes just to catch up? Pass. The Walking Dead had essentially become exactly how Dante describes Lord of the Rings in Clerks 2.

Despite all that, AMC *still* came out with Fear the Walking Dead; a spinoff of the same exact stories with new characters. Fuck outta here with that AMC. Nobody got time for that.

So obviously I have put my Walking Dead fandom in the attic after years of it being on life support. We had a great run, I look forward to watching some highlights of how the show actually ends and maybe tuning in for the series finale after nearly a decade of a show about zombies.

Wait, whats that? The Walking Dead plans to run for another TEN years?

Even the Simpsons couldn’t maintain quality for more than a decade and that was a cartoon procedural comedy. I don’t know about you guys, but I scrapped that a long time ago. Another 10+ years of the Walking Dead would mean that show ran from when I was in college until I am in my FORTIES!

I can’t imagine anyone sticking around for another decade plus of walkers and relocation plots. Hell even, Rick Grimes is getting off the ride next season.

“The next season of the main show, meanwhile, will see Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes exit the show, though how exactly he’ll go remains a mystery.”

Best of luck, fellas.

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