#RushHourRap – Logic Drops New Album YSIV

Does anyone in the game right now put out great music more consistently than Logic?

Logic is back with YSIV, the fourth iteration in his Young Sinatra series, and it is a heater led by the first single, The Return. He even has a 7 minute song featuring the entire Wu Tang Clan. So stop what you’re doing right now and check out YSIV.


This comes after not releasing a new album since allll the way back in March of 2018 with Bobby Tarantino II. Seriously this guy is a machine when it comes to putting out music, and it’s all been very, very good. Take a look at this resume:

  • Logic: The Mixtape (2009)
  • Young, Broke & Infamous (2010)
  • Young Sinatra (2011)
  • Young Sinatra: Undeniable (2012)
  • Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever (2013)
  • Under Pressure (2014)
  • The Incredible True Story (2015)
  • Bobby Tarantino (2016)
  • Everybody (2017)
  • Bobby Tarantino II (2018)
  • Young Sinatra IV (2018)

Obviously thats not all studio albums as a large chunk of those are mixtapes, but most of those mixtapes are better than a lot of what artists put out today. Logic just recently blew up in the mainstream with his mega-hit 1-800-273-8255 in 2017, which became a Suicide awareness anthem. As he’s shown over the past couple of years with 4 albums released, Logic will sleep when he’s dead.

PS – If you haven’t watched Logic’s episode of Rapture on Netflix, it is an absolute must watch for any rap fan.

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