Miller High Life Champagne Bottles Are On The Way

MillerCoors – Instead of popping the cork this holiday season, the Champagne of Beers wants drinkers to pry off the top of its new limited-release Champagne-sized bottles.

Miller High Life this week launched nationwide for the first time its custom 750-milliliter bottles for the final two months of 2018. The national roll out of the specialty bottles comes after a successful two-market test in Chicago and Milwaukee in 2017 and a single-market test in Chicago a year earlier.

Not even two weeks ago, as the Red Sox were popping bottles in Los Angeles, I wondered how I could get my hands on one of those big red Budweiser champagne bottles that the Sox were celebrating with. The response I got from Budweiser was a bit patronizing:

But as the old saying goes, when God closes a door He pushes you out the fire escape opens a window. In through that window enters the Champagne of Beers in actual champagne bottles!

Brilliant move by Miller. High Life truly is the beer of the people. You don’t need to be a rich famous athlete in order to celebrate with Miller. And at $3.49 a pop, there’s lots of celebrating to do. I plan on buying as many of these bottles as I can store at my house. I’m going to hoard this stuff in my basement how rich guys hoard 20-year-old bottles of wine. I’ll definitely drink a few bottles over the holidays but will be sure to save some for future special occasions, like potential fantasy football championships.

I’ve always been more of a Miller guy than a Bud guy, and this just furthers that. Budweiser can keep its limited edition swill. I’d rather drink High Lifes with the people in the cheap seats any day. I just wish the High Life guy could join us.

Image result for miller high life guy

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