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NFL First Round Pick Rashan Gary Cuts Out the Middleman and Starts His Own Agency

ESPN – Rashan Gary is living his dream as the founder and CEO of his own sports agency. The defensive end, projected to be one of the top picks in the NFL draft, has fulfilled a vision he had as a high school star in New Jersey and developed in his mind the past three years at Michigan.

“I always had a dream of playing in the NFL and leaving a legacy,” Gary said in an interview with The Associated Press. “The older I got, I understood that football is not forever. This is a step to take care of my family in the long run. Starting this agency is a way I can definitely do that in my years on the football field and the years when I’m not on the football field.”

Gary has already recruited one NFL prospect to Rashan Gary Sports. He hopes to land more players from Major League Baseball, the NBA and the NHL by promoting the agency as a way athletes can make the most out of their earning potential.

“It’s going to change the game,” Gary told the AP. “Now players know the power they have, and taking this step is big for me, my family and my dream.”

Love the hustle from Rashan Gary here. Without having any insights as to how this business will be set up, this is smart as all hell by Gary. This is not some guy just deciding he wants to represent himself because he doesn’t see the value in paying an agent and would rather just mortgage his future earnings on his own understanding of NFL contracts. This is a guy setting up a legitimate business because he knows the average NFL athlete plays for less than 5 years so he wants to build something for the long term. As a first round pick in the NFL Rashan Gary has an incredible amount of leverage, which unless he goes on to become an All-Pro type of player, that is leverage that will dissipate slowly over the next few years. Take advantage of the leverage you have now and build something that will last a lot longer than 5 years.

This idea won’t be without its detractors though, particularly the old guard of established NFL executives like Gil Brandt.

“The first contract in the NFL is relatively simple with the pay pretty much predetermined whether you’re drafted 13th or 107th. I’m guessing some street-smart guy told him about this idea to set up his own agency to keep more of his money.”

That sounds like a guy who is afraid of going extinct if players start doing things in a new and different way than what he’s used to.

“Rashan Gary Sports is set up for players to take ownership of their intellectual property,” Clarke said. “Our model, which we’d rather keep quiet for now, helps players with their finances on the front end.”

Smart man. Sounds like a player they would love up in New England if we’re being honest.

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