The Browns Confused Cameron Jordan for Jordan Cameron on NFL Draft Day

Yahoo – And now New Orleans Saints defensive end Cam Jordan has shared a delightful tale of his draft-day escapades with the Browns that doesn’t paint a picture of a front office on top of its game. The Saints drafted Jordan in the first round of the 2011 draft. Jordan told Dan Patrick on Wednesday about getting a call from the Browns the next day during the draft’s second round.

I got a call from the Browns,” Jordan said. “They’re like ‘hey, we’re about to select you.’ I was like, ‘I mean I’m good, actually. I think I’ve already been selected. “But if you want to send that check, I’ll take that.’”

Jordan recalled the story when Patrick asked him about times that he’s been confused with Miami Dolphins tight end Jordan Cameron. This was apparently one of those times.

Just a week after the Seth Wickersham story dumped negative anecdote after negative anecdote on the perpetually woeful Browns comes this hilarious story. The front office of a billion dollar franchise confused Cameron Jordan with Jordan Cameron.

This is *literally* an episode of The League.

Not to mention this wasn’t some mid-round guy getting lost in the shuffle. Cameron Jordan was a FIRST round pick. They literally discuss the Draft for months and then air a 4 hour special on ESPN detailing the exact order of who is drafted where.

Hilarious level of incompetence as apparently Ruxin is running the show over in Cleveland.

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