Matthew Slater and Julian Edelman Used to Be Roommates and the Modern Day Odd Couple

ESPNEdelman was so worried about saving money early in his career that he and teammate Matthew Slater rented a house in Foxborough together and lived like college kids, sharing expenses and household chores. “He was a terrible roommate,” Slater joked Sunday night. “Didn’t take the trash out, always leaving dishes around.”

But Slater didn’t mind, in the long run, because of the conversations they often ended up having late into the night, sharing their doubts and fears about living on the margins of an NFL roster. In 2011, when the Patriots asked Edelman and Slater to shift to the defensive side of the ball, they figured it was a bad sign for their career prospects.

“That was a pretty low point,” Slater said. “We just kept telling each to keep working hard, keep believing we can do this, and maybe one day it will work out for us. … To see us go from a couple of California kids living together to try and save a buck to him being the Super Bowl MVP is pretty special.”

Edelman liked living with Slater so much that, after four years, when Slater got married and decided to move out, Edelman told him to ask his wife if he could have a room in their new place.

My wife was like, ‘No way are we living with Julian,'” Slater said. “And Julian was like, ‘No, tell her we can make this work.’ But seriously, I love him like a brother, man. My wife loves him. My kids love him. He’s been there for so many big moments in my life. I’m so appreciative for our friendship.”

I don’t know how I never knew this, but the visual of Julian Edelman and Matthew Slater living together in a Foxboro apartment is laugh out loud funny.

Can you imagine these two living together? They just seem like polar opposites, especially earlier in their careers. Slater has always seemed to be like the dad of the group, even as a young guy. Just a really nice, clean cut, wholesome, professional, polite, do your job kind of guy.

Whereas Edelman has always been the bearded bad boy, packing lips on the sidelines:

Laughing in the face of (probable) concussions

And let us never forget the Fabio situation Edelman had going on with some wicked lettuce.

I know the two are absolute gluttons for anything football so they probably stayed up late talking about game tape every night, but I’m just picturing Slater trying to make a nice quiche while Jules has empty Skoal cans laying all around the apartment. Does not seem like a match made in heaven, but hey its what makes us different that makes us great.

Roommate bonds are forever though. For better or for worse. After living with another dude it’s like you went to war together. War on exorbitant rent prices, hellacious commutes, getting too drunk on a school night, all those experiences are the ties that bind us. Just look at Slater when he learns his former roomie in Jules is going to be the Super Bowl MVP.

Odd Couple? Most definitely, but still just a couple of best buds that have reached the pinnacle of their profession winning three Lombardy trophies together.

PS – Years later, I still refuse to believe this Hannibal Burress GIF isn’t actually Matthew Slater on a bye week.

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