It’s Opening Day for the Red Sox and Dustin Pedroia is Back

LETS GOOO! It’s a balmy 39 degrees in Boston, Dustin Pedroia is back and it’s Opening Day at Fenway. For anyone that holds a grudge against Dustin Pedroia for the whole Manny Machado incident you gotta grow up. Was it a bad look? 1000% But the guy has done too much for this team and this city to get tossed out with yesterday’s garbage because of one shitty incident. Pedroia should want Machado dead because the guy ruined his career, but if he doesn’t want to get into it and would rather recuse himself from the whole situation then fine. Let Chris Sale throw missiles behind the guy’s ass for the next 5+ seasons. If it were me I’d take a bat to Machado’s head, but hey I’m a big time grudge guy I guess.

Lets not play revisionist history on Pedroia’s contract either. When he signed this extension it was universally applauded as a great deal for the Sox. In 2013 an MVP signing a $100M extension through the 2021 season was a bargain at the time. Sure his body has fallen apart, but when the guy is healthy he can still rake.

So I hope the Sox have learned his limits because you know Pedroia sure as shit hasn’t. The guy is most likely a platoon/DH player at this point in his career. And thats fine. Do what management is supposed to do; manage him. If you can get 120 games out of Pedroia and he hits close to .300 thats a big time success. What I don’t need to see is Pedroia playing nine innings at second base for the next 25 games in a row only to blow something out in May.

Good to have ya back, Pedey.

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