We Finally Have Our First Trailer for Westworld Season 3

As soon as I saw my guy Aaron Paul on the screen I shouted WESTWORLD at my TV because I’ve been waiting for this. Adding an actor like him to a show at a crossroads like Westworld currently sits is huge. Westworld ended an up and down Season 2 with a peak at what could happen with the hosts making their way into the real world. It seems like they’ve fully integrated and/or taken over the real world in a terrifying way. As Aaaron Paul says he’s just searching for something real, which could bring Westworld into a suddenly much more relatable show. This could potentially transition Westworld from a pure sci-fi show about robots into a more literal commentary on a dystopian future.

Oh and we get Kid Cudi in something other than “How to Make It In America” so thats exciting.

I am all in from the looks of this trailer.

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