Is Tuukka Rask Actually Outplaying Bruins Legend Tim Thomas?

Tuukka Rask is playing out of his skull and the Boston Bruins are heading to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time since 2013. The last time the Bruins played a Stanley Cup Finals game I walked out of Jerry Remys by Fenway (RIP to that bar btw) and angrily walked the 2 miles home to my Allston apartment after Tuukka gave up a last minute goal in Game 6. Now, Tuukka is playing like an absolute stud. I don’t know if he’s sworn off Buff’s wings or what, but the guy has been on a tear. I noticed in the last Bruins game, which feels like a month ago at this point, just how intensely focused Rask looked in pre-game warmups. Take it for what its worth, but he looked like a guy that had just taken 6 scoops of pre-workout and was seeing through space.

I think to properly put this Tuukka run into perspective, we should put it up against the 2010-11 Tim Thomas run, which elevated Thomas to god status (rightfully so). It might surprise you, but Tuukka has actually been better.

Tim Thomas 2010-11 Playoffs: 

  • 25 games
  • .940 save percentage
  • 1.98 GAA

Tuukka Rask 2018-19 Playoffs:

  • 17 games (and counting)
  • .942 save percentage
  • 1.84 GAA

Thats astonishing, even with how well Rask is playing these numbers still surprised me. Thomas was playing in rarified air during that 2010-11 Stanley Cup run with one of the greatest postseason performances I’ve ever seen. This isn’t baseball where David Price had 3 good starts. No, Thomas was on fire for a month. And now Tuukka is playing at an even higher level statistically. Now all of this will be forgotten by the 4th of July if the Bruins and/or Tuukka lay an egg in the Stanley Cup Finals.

I’m really pulling for the Bruins here because the last time they won I had literally just moved to New York after college. I watched the Bruins win Game 7 and raise the Stanley Cup from a bar in upstate NY by myself. Actually a pretty bizarre scene thinking back.

Would be nice to celebrate with my hockey brethren this time around. Four. More. Wins. LETS GOO

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