College Football

Texas Football FLEXING About Its 2.8 GPA is Laugh Out Loud Funny

Nailed it!

2.8 is the highest GPA in Texas football HISTORY. Notre Dame this is not. They also left out the fact that this GPA came in the spring semester when, ya know, theres no real football being played. I mean lets be honest here, this is the football factory they call Texas. The academic institution that has produced the intellectual likes of: Vince Young, Ricky Williams, Jamaal Charles and so many more. So I guess a 2.8 is pretty good relatively speaking. Hell it must be for them to run down to the creative intern and tell them to FIRE UP A PHOTOSHOP WE GOT NEWS TO TWEET!

Man, I wish anyone pumped me up for my *less than 3* GPA going into college half as much as UT does its athletes. Confidence breeds success guys, everyone knows that. I may have just talked myself into this ridiculous move.

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