Thank God I’m Not in College Anymore or Else I’d Have to Drink This

A younger me would have said “do it for the content.” Well as a freshly minted 30 year old I can now comfortably say, get this poison away from me. Thats coming from a guy who drank Admiral Nelson almost exclusively for four years in college too. Used to call it going sailing. They should have hired me to be a brand manager if they were smart.

Reminds me of that time I drank Cherry Rubinoff at a party at UMass one time. I’d tell you more, but to be honest thats basically the end of the night in my brain.

So for all the young guns out there that pound their fists when us Olds talk about what “real” Four Loko was like before they took the caffeine out; now is your time to shine. Mix up a few Red Bulls and a bottle of cherry Admiral Nelson and I’m sure it’ll have a similar effect. Godspeed.

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