Top Gun, Jay and Silent Bob, IT: WE GOT TRAILERS GALORE TODAY!

We have received oodles and oodles of sweet new trailers today and this week as a whole. Fun fact, one time Papa Giorgio walked into my room in college and looked at me laying in bed with my laptop and said “…you’ve been watching movie trailers all night again haven’t you?” What can I say, I am a sucker for a great trailer. Its how shitbombs like Terminator Salvation and Medellin trick Joe Sixpacks like me into seeing their mediocre flicks. Heres hoping these movies don’t suck!

Top Gun: Maverick

I don’t know what to expect out of this movie. Its usually not a great idea to make a sequel to a movie THIRTY THREE YEARS after the original, but I’ll give it a go. Plus, there was a suspicious absence of Jon Hamm shown in this teaser so color me curious. Probably should’ve just went to space tbh.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

LETS. GO. This isn’t what I truly wanted, which is Clerks 3, but its the next best thing so I’ll take it. Jay and Silent Bob were staples for anyone in their late 20s to early 30s. Just good old fashioned raunchy comedy and gratuitous bullying of celebrities in cameo roles. This reboot looks to be completely aware of how ridiculous the fact that it even exists is, which is a great start for a satire like this. I’m excited for this one.

IT 2

Soo I still haven’t watched the first IT if we’re being honest. It’s been recorded on my DVR for several months now. Why haven’t I watched it? Is it because I’m a giant puss and don’t want to fear for my life every time I go in the basement to do laundry? Who’s to say…

Supersize Me 2: Holy Chicken

Supersize Me is still one of my favorite documentaries because of how preposterous of an idea it was. The guy destroys his body and decimates all his vital signals in a MONTH just through McChickens and Big Macs. Not crack or booze. Cheeseburgers. That movie still just makes me hungry though and if you disagree you are a liar or a vegan.

The Red Sea Diving Resort

Captain America is back in his first post-Marvel role and he is teaming up with MY GUY Daario Naharis. Also shoutout to Netflix for completely flipping the film industry on its head. It used to be a death sentence for actors to go from the big screen to the small screen, but now A list actors do it without a second thought. That of course allows me to see movies without having to leave my couch and for a monthly fee thats *still* cheaper than a ticket to the movies.

A Score to Settle

Nicolas Cage long ago embraced the typecast role of unhinged characters. And he does it damn well.

Good Boys

So this has been out for a while, but they just dropped a new trailer so it technically makes the cut. Simply put, this movie looks hilarious. Basically Superbad with middle school kids, which makes sense since Seth Rogen is prominently involved in this one.

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