Face/Off is Getting a Reboot. Wait What?

Hollywood ReporterParamount is bringing back Face/Off. The high-concept action film is getting a reboot via 22 Jump Street scribe Oren Uziel, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed…Fast and Furious creative Neal Moritz will produce for Paramount, with David Permut serving as executive producer. Uziel’s other credits include The Cloverfield Paradox and Paramount’s upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie. He also was tapped to pen the second Detective Pikachu movie for Legendary and Warner Bros.

Face/Off is peak 90s: just unapologetic, over the top, and most of all nonsensical. Just a preposterous plot that its better if we just accept it and move on.

John Travolta and Nicolas Cage starred in the 1997 action-thriller from John Woo, which centers on two arch enemies exchanging each other’s identities (and faces). The story follows FBI agent Sean Archer (Travolta), who is tracking down terrorist Castor Troy (Cage). When Troy boards a plane in Los Angeles that crashes and is severely injured, Archer undergoes surgery to remove his face and replace it with Troy’s in order to go undercover as the criminal. In a twist, Troy then awakes from a coma and forces the doctor who performed the surgery give him Archer’s face.

This movie only worked because of one reason: Nicholas Cage. Just an absolute psychotic, eccentric evil villain in Castor Troy who also happens to carry matching gold plated Desert Eagles. So godspeed rebooting that.

Granted I’m not exactly Ari Gold so I don’t know who’s hot in the producer streets, but this is a mixed bag of credits for the guys tapped to helm the reboot. 22 Jump Street? Good! Fast and Furious? Good! Cloverfield Paradox? …OK. The upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie? Oh my this is going to be a disaster.

While I love the idea of bringing back something that I enjoyed from the 90s, I also remember what an abortion the Point Break reboot was. Sometimes its best to just let things remain in the past.

Unless they can get Nick Cage and John Travolta to reprise their exact roles, just 20 years older. Then I’m in.

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