Curt Schilling Wants to Be the Red Sox Pitching Coach and I Say Lets Do It

One of the biggest reported issues with the Red Sox this season was the disconnect between the analytics nerds and the baseball guys. Ya know like every scene in the first hour of Moneyball.

Rather than completely axe longtime Sox employee Dana LeVangie, the team opted to reassign him to the scouting department instead. That leaves a gaping hole for a pitching staff that was an absolute disaster outside of Eduardo Rodriguez. The Red Sox seemingly want to make analytics a more integral part of their decision making, which sounds weird to say. I don’t know when it happened but the Sox seemingly fell behind the pack. This team lead the charge, along with Billy Beane, on OBP and sabermetrics. Hell, the team even still employs Bill James. So how did we get to this point? My guess is old school baseball guys like Dave Dombrowski didn’t exactly see eye to eye with the nerds.

So the Sox want to get back in the analytics game.

You think THIS guy has a problem with that?

Curt Schilling used to walk around the ballpark with a gigantic trapper keeper full of numbers every time he took the mound. That was before the analytics revolution that has led to every catcher now wearing a wristband or having an index card in their back pocket.

Schilling was also an A+ analyst on ESPN before he just could not stop himself from tweeting things his bosses explicitly told him to not tweet about. So theres that.

I think Schill would make a pretty good pitching coach even though he might get into a fist fight with David Price.

However, thats before we even get to the politics. John Henry has donated more than half a million dollars to various democratic campaigns over the years and Curt Schilling has been a very outspoken ride or die supporter of Donald Trump.

So while this has a zero percent chance of ever actually happening I think it’d be interesting to see. Now maybe you don’t want a guy that loves to talk in a typically behind the scenes role of pitching coach, but hey whats the worst that could happen they miss the playoffs?

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