The 300s Top 10 Movies of the Decade

It’s starting to feel a lot like the end of Majora’s Mask with the moon about to smash into the earth as we rapidly approach the end of the decade. With the 2010’s hitting the wrap it up box it’s a perfect time to rank the best of the best and today we’re picking the Top 10 Movies of the Decade. As always, we polled the staff on their top 15 movies awarding their favorite flick 15 points all the way down to 1 point for No. 15 and then we aggregated the total points to rank our Top 10.

Time to run it back!

10. Edge of Tomorrow

“One of the best action movies of all-time with a slick, coherent time travel plot that makes it a cross between Back to the Future and Groundhogs Day. Tom Cruise does what Tom Cruise does best in this one; action with a megawatt smile. However, this movie isn’t just a dumb popcorn flick, its actually a pretty thoughtful script that plays with the notion of time travel and using it like a reset button as Cruise, by dying many many times, meticulously levels up from being a joke to a super solider who is singlehandedly bringing an end to the war. Every time I see a mech suit in a movie I cringe because they never look as cool on screen as they sound on paper, but Edge of Tomorrow crushes the look and the actual physics of it. If you’re looking for this movie though you might have to search for the dumbed down title they slapped on it when it hit DVD: Live. Die. Repeat. Because ya know, time travel!” – Red

9. Inception

“Christopher Nolan followed up the wildly successful The Dark Knight just two years later with Inception in 2010, which absolutely blew my mind. A movie that in theory should be an absolute popsicle headache is a gripping heist flick all while messing with time and our perception of reality. I don’t know how Nolan made this into a coherent let alone incredible movie, but he also had the help of an A+, albeit distinctly Nolan, cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Marion Cotillard, and Michael Caine. You would think recycling the same handful of actors in all his movies would get tiresome, but it doesn’t, which is a testament to their work.” – Red

8. Sicario

“Sicario plays like an action film on the surface, but if you take a closer look it could be argued it borders on horror. The entire movie has this sense of impending doom that is masterfully brought to the screen by Denis Villeneuve. If I was a college professor, it would mandatory viewing in any film studies class I taught. I dare you to watch this without feeling anxious.” – Papa Giorgio 

7. La La Land

“La La Land was the best musical in decades. La La Land appealed to more than just fans of musicals thanks to brilliant performances from Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. Stone won an Oscar and Gosling was nominated for an Oscar for their performances as two artists pursuing their dreams and struggling to make it in Hollywood. Ambitious and poignant, La La Land is a toast to the fools who dream.” – Big Z

6. Hell or High Water

“Chris Pine stars in what is the closest thing we have to a modern day Western. This film flew completely under my radar until it hit the home video market and I gave it a chance on a whim. Turns out it’s a masterpiece of cinema.” – Papa Giorgio

5. Get Out

“One of the most inventive and terrifying movies I’ve ever seen coming from a rookie film director/writer, Jordan Peele. Despite coming from a background of sketch comedy, Peele wrote one of the best horror scripts of all time, boosted by its timing in history where racial tensions are rising in the United States. The movie itself works as an elaborate analogy for being trapped in a society that wants to keep you down. I actually didn’t see this movie until a year after it came out and somehow didn’t have the plot or the twist spoiled for me, which was the best way to go into this anxiety inducing film.” – Red

4. Django Unchained

“I enjoyed this movie so much that I actually went out and bought the Steel Book Blu Ray, only for it to be released on Netflix the next day… This is one of Quentin Tarantino’s finest works led by superb acting from A-list actors in smaller supporting roles, which is where Tarantino’s writing shines. Jamie Foxx plays a freed slave turned bounty hunter alongside Christoph Waltz who in the last several years (Inglorious Basterds, Spectre, Muppets Most Wanted) has become the rare actor who I will literally see anything he’s in. Waltz is that good. Not to mention Leonardio DiCaprio’s gloriously unhinged super racist, Calvin Candie. Django is completely over the top violent, filled with cringeworthy racial epithets, and intelligent witty banter with a tight, stylistic script: everything you come to expect from Tarantino.” – Red

3. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

“Tarantino had quite the decade didn’t he? Forget the hot garbage that was The Hateful Eight, because with TWO movies in our top four of the decade Tarantino is on fire. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is a movie that I literally had no idea what to expect going into. I wasn’t particularly aware of the Sharon Tate story until hearing about this movie, and the trailers went to painstaking effort to not show anything of real substance. Luckily for Tarantino he is Quentin Tarantino so he could get away with that plus a few shots of Leo and Brad Pitt looking handsome AF, the brief shot of the Bruce Lee inspired character, as well as Margot Robbie and I was IN. This movie is the definition of a slow burn, which is not really what I’ve come to expect from Tarantino. His movies are usually violent from the get go and/or frantically paced, but Once Upon a Time in Hollywood takes you through the winding down careers of DiCaprio (legitimately might win an Oscar) and Pitt amidst one of the best bromances ever put on the big screen. After about 60 minutes I started to wonder where this was all going before of course we start getting introduced to the Manson clan and this impending sense of doom starts to creep. THEN the final 20 minutes of the movie happen and I am literally left in shock wondering what the hell I just watched yet unable to wipe the smile off my face.” – Red

2. The Wolf of Wall Street

“Its easy to see The Wolf of Wall Street simply as an ode to Bros everywhere, but that would be missing the point. The movie is done entirely tongue in cheek, albeit entertaining AF along the way, detailing the fast rise and the cataclysmic fall of Jordan Belfort. The Wolf of Wall Street is a fast talking, incredibly loud, and hypersexualized peek behind the curtain of absolute meat heads scamming people out of their money in the stock market. I think what makes it so entertaining is that this shit actually happened. Before the internet, before your reputation stuck to you like glue, a group of slick talking bros and bro-ettes were able to game the system and get rich off the backs of dummies looking to play the stock market.

A far less critically acclaimed (let alone seen) movie based on the same exact idea called Boiler Room came out in 2000 so its not exactly original source material, but the impeccable character acting is what rocketed this movie all the way up to No. 2 on our list. From Leonardo DiCaprio (this is his 4th time on our list btw) and Jonah Hill playing the ultimate archetype of toxic masculinity to Kyle Chandler’s no bullshit federal agent, Jon Bernthal’s small time drug dealer, Rob Reiner as the absolute lunatic father, and in a smaller self contained role Matthew McConaughey playing…well…Matthew McConaughey. Plus The Wolf of Wall Street also introduced us to Margot Robbie, which in of itself is enough to land this movie on the best of list.” – Red 

1. The Social Network

“Nearly ten years after its release, The Social Network still feels as fresh as it did the day it was released. As someone who was at one of the first schools (not Harvard) to get The Facebook (as it was called in 2004), this film accurately captures that moment in time. It’s the definitive account of the rise of Facebook in particular and social media in general, and is some of Aaron Sorkin’s best work. And nearly ten years later I still can’t forget this absolutely brutal takedown:

‘You’re going to go through life thinking that girls don’t like you because you’re a nerd. And I want you to know, from the bottom of my heart, that that won’t be true. It’ll be because you’re an asshole.'” – Big Z

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