College Football

Odell Beckham Was Literally Handing Out Cash to LSU Players After the National Championship

I couldn’t care less that Odell Beckham gave out cold hard cash to LSU players after their National Championship win. Besides being laugh out loud funny, I actually think it’s awesome. I’ve long been a proponent of letting NCAA athletes make money off their own names, but I also am an adult and realize that there are some pretty well known rules around college athletes and paying them. All Odell did was put these kids in a shitty spot. Sure Joe Burrow just played his last game, but some sophomore might get hosed by the archaic NCAA because Odell gave him a few crisp benjamins.

Shoutout to LSU for the completely believable spin they put on this saying the cash OBJ gave out was fake.

OBJ takes a lot of shit in the media, but he does bring a lot of it on himself. However, this is another instance of why Twitter is the best website in the world. I’ve been laughing my ass off instead of working for like 20 minutes at all the NCAA tweets.

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