The Bruins Invented a Totally New Way to Lose, Fall to 0-7 This Year in Shootouts

The Bruins have been pretty bad in shootouts for as long as I can remember. I used to attribute it to Claude Julien just using wacky shootout lineups with absolute scrubs going before guys like Bergeron. Well, this year they have been even worse. In fact after blowing a 3 goal lead and then losing in yet another shootout last night, the Bruins fell to 0-7 on the year in shootouts. Even worse was the fashion in which they dropped this one.

Holy hell. What’d Marchand spot a pretty blonde behind the net? The only reason I even knew it was possible to lose like this is because I accidentally did the same exact thing once in NHL 2009 on Xbox 360. I literally just laughed out loud as this unfolded.

So the Bruins continue their run of embarrassing shootout performances, which is odd considering they have two of the leading goal scorers in the league in Marchand and David Pastrnak. The Bruins may need to hire an outside consultant like Sparky Polastri to shake things up a bit.

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