There is Video of Samuel L. Jackson Asking George Lucas for the Purple Lightsaber and It’s Hilarious

I’m not sure if this has already circulated around the internet in the past, but it’s the first time I’ve seen it and I laughed out loud. As Star Wars nerds know, every lightsaber has a certain color for a very specific reason. Jedi lightsabers are green and blue, Sith are red because they make the kyber crystals “bleed” to build their lightsabers. Then there’s Samuel L. Jackson. His is purple. No reason was ever given in the prequels and it was just assumed Samuel L. Jackson got a purple lightsaber because he is a Bad Motherfucker.

Well it turns out, thats pretty much exactly how it went down.

Lucas: “Good guys are green and blue. Bad guys are red. Thats just the way it works.”

Jackson: *nodding* No purple lightsaber?

Lucas: “….you might get purple.”

You can literally see the moment George Lucas collapses under the weight of Samuel L. Jackson’s charisma. That or he was afraid of getting MF’d on set by Jules.

Samuel L. Jackson (and Ewan McGregor) were the highlight of a pretty mediocre trilogy of movies so if giving him an unexplained purple lightsaber made for a better Mace Windu so be it. In fact, give me a Mace Windu spinoff and I will continue borrowing my friend’s my subscription to Disney+

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