It’s Official: Spring Training Arrived Before the Red Sox Hired a Manager

Pitchers and catchers reported today and the Red Sox have still yet to officially name a manager. This is like when you showed up to class as a kid and the teacher was sick, but the school forgot to assign a substitute. Real Lord of the Flies type stuff going on down in Fort Myers right now.

All the rumors point to the Sox promoting last year’s bench coach Ron Roenicke to the manager role, but the team made a point to come out and deny that was official last week soo who the hell knows.

This is exactly what you want to get the 2020 season started right after you just traded your best player and the guy you signed to the biggest pitching contract ever. Nobody in charge. Confusion. Chaos. This team could win 95 games or miss the playoffs entirely and neither would surprise me. Too negative? Well, if you believe my old friend Petyr Baelish, all this chaos could actually be an opportunity for the Sox.

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