Fire Flames Hat Alert From the Washington Nationals Double-A Team; Harrisburg Senators

Fire flames cap that could burn down the diamond. As an unabashed hat guy I have far too many random hats to even count at this point. My team’s hats, random team hats, Cape Cod Baseball League hats, Chicago Cubs bucket hats, but I think Minor League Baseball hats may be my sneaky favorite. Besides their oftentimes ridiculous names (looking at you Rumble Ponies), they take chances that major league teams simply won’t take. For example, I own a New Hampshire Fisher Cats (Blue Jays Double-A) hat, but it’s not even their actual hat. It’s a hat for the team name they *almost* went with and actually quite timely; the New Hampshire Primaries.

Or my Osos Polares de Pawtucket hat.

Give me all the ridiculous hats, keep em coming.

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