Kyrie Irving Elected VP of NBA Players Association. HAHAHA

Kyrie Irving is now second in command of the NBA Players Association, and his fellow players just put him there. Only in America.

But seriously, Kyrie is the real life version of Michael Scott who says things just to see what happens.

The guy who famously said ridiculous things like “What does government mean to you?” and “Fuck Thanksgiving” is now going to have a hand in shaping the future of the league.

This is a list of ridiculous stuff Kyrie said in 2017 alone. That is who now has his hand on the bag representing every player in the league. Good luck guys. I’m sure negotiations will go well when he tells Adam Silver he’s not woke enough and moves to have all Christmas Day games cancelled.

But seriously, Kyrie is going to say something outrageous in a meeting sooner than later and then blow up when it becomes a news story.

You are a celebrity that gets paid millions of dollars a year so yes people pay attention to what you say. And now Kyrie’s in a position where his words and actions will have a real affect on his NBA peers, which is something he has not shown a willingness to accept in the past.

So we’ll see how this goes because Vice President of the Players Association is far from a symbolic position.

Twitter is already batting a thousand with reactions to the news.


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