Manny Ramirez is Making a Comeback

YahooBoston Red Sox legend Manny Ramirez’s time in the majors may have ended in 2011, but he’s not done playing baseball. Ramirez, now 47, told the Taiwan Times he’s hoping to make a comeback in 2020.

Ramirez has set his sights on returning to the Chinese Professional Baseball League, where he spent time in 2013. Ramirez performed well in a 49-game stint for the Rhinos, hitting .352 with eight home runs. He left the team because he missed his family, and because he wanted to try and return to Major League Baseball.

Manny is the greatest right handed hitter I’ve ever seen.

To make that proclamation it definitely helps that he was the No. 3/No. 4 hitter for my favorite team for nearly a decade. But it also gave me the opportunity to watch the guy play every day (Ha!) and rake year after year. Just look at this stat line from his eight years in Boston.

It’s one of the greatest statistical runs a Red Sox player has ever had.

Manny had an absolutely effortless swing that produced moonshots as he hit 30+ home runs 12 times in his 19 year career. He wasn’t just a pure power hitter though as he finished with .312 career batting average. The guy was just never off balance at the plate.

(You’re welcome for the 13 minute loop of Magic Stick)

And nobody knew when a ball was going YABO quicker than Manny. Well, maybe Dennis Drinkwater, but you get my point.

With that being said he could be a childish prick at times like the time he took three straight strikes in a Yankees game back in 2007 because he had to pinch hit after being told he would have the day off.

Or the time he complained about his knee being sore so often and then subsequently forgot which one it was so the Red Sox had him get MRIs on both knees.

Or the time he threw the 67-year-old traveling secretary to the ground for not being able to fulfill his ticket request.

So yea, Manny Being Manny may as well have been Spanish for “baggage,” but my lord could this guy put the bat on the ball. He anchored the greatest team in Red Sox history in 2004. (Thats not debatable, they had a Batting Champion hitting 9th and two HOF pitchers at the top of the rotation) Manny hit .308 with 43 home runs and 130 RBIs that season. He also had a Slugging Percentage of 1.009, won a Silver Slugger and finished 3rd in MVP voting.

Granted that was 16 years ago, but even in 2013 he hit an absurd .352 in the Chinese Professional Baseball League. So do I think he could be a serviceable player in the CPBL right now even at 47-years-old?

But hey if things don’t workout in Taiwan, he can always play for the local independent leagues. Hell, I saw Oil Can Boyd pitch for the Brockton Rox when he was 45 and he was mowing guys down.

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