Tom From Toonami Should File a Cease and Desist Against the NFL for These COVID Helmet Designs

My first thought after seeing these helmet designs is that Tom from Toonami is currently filing a cease and desist against the NFL.

And if you’re too young to get that reference or never watched Toonami on Cartoon Network, then I pity you. Tom used to get me jacked up for all my nerdy anime as a kid. Pretty sure Toonami is singlehandedly responsible for every asshole with an internet connection and iMovie creating their own anime emo rock compilations and uploading them to Napster.

Now back to these space helmets that may or may not be a real thing. Obviously these are designed with player safety in mind as it relates to COVID because players can’t be wearing cotton masks made my Melissa from Etsy. I would however love to hear from the crowd that wanted to ban helmets entirely in an effort to stop defenders from launching into receivers with their heads. How about this astronaut helmet to discourage players from pretending they’re a land to air missile? Damned if you do, damned if you don’t I suppose.

Well, if this helps get players back on the field and brings the NFL back to this sports-less post-apocalyptic world then I am all for it. It’ll be nearly impossible to top the greatest helmet in league history though.

PS – I also just learned that apparently Cartoon Network legitimately killed Tom off? Like straight up gatted him. Wow. RIP brother.

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