Logic Announces His Retirement Following the Release of His Next Album, “No Pressure”

My first reaction is it’s hard to take a rapper seriously when they say they’re going to retire. I mean Jay-Z said he was retiring after The Black Album and that was in 2003. He’s since un-retired and released five more albums. Plus artists in general don’t normally have the ability to just walk away from their art. It’s not like a football player who has to retire because his knees are shot. Look at HOV, Eminem, Ice-Cube, Ice T, RZA, E-40, Missy Elliott etc. They’re all north of 45 and still putting out tracks.

However, Logic has been one of the hardest working dudes in the game over the past decade. He’s put out six mixtapes, six full albums, plus the criminally underrated soundtrack to accompany the freaking novel he wrote, Supermarket. Not to mention five headlining tours.

So while I hope this is more like MJ retiring to play baseball and Bobby Tarantino just needs to take a couple years off to get away for a while, but if not I wish him the best because he has given us a TON of music to bump to.

PS – Logic’s farewell album is being produced by No ID and is coming out in less than a week?

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