Bruins Take Game 1 With a Double OT Winner from Patrice Bergeron

First off let me just say, watching a game from 11 AM-3 PM is a gigantic pain in the ass if you have a job that requires even moderate human interaction. I went from watching on my TV to streaming on my phone as I jumped on a client Zoom, then a client called my phone and as I was switching the stream back to my laptop I was just in time to see the Bruins celebrating. Damnit.

Now that I got that off my chest, the Bruins dodged a bullet there and are lucky to get out of there with a win. They controlled the game for long stretches, but let mental errors nearly bury them. After going up 2-1 the Hurricanes challenged the goal claiming goaltender interference.

The Bruins rightfully won the coach’s challenge, which automatically resulted in a two minute minor on the Hurricanes for delay of game. So how do the Bruins capitalize on a massive momentum swing like that? Well Pastrnak almost immediately throws a slap dick cross ice pass that gets picked off and taken the other way for a shorthand goal to tie the game at 2.

While I don’t love the fact that the old veteran filled Bruins team had to play an extra 20+ minutes of hockey, I did take some morbid pleasure in how ridiculous bubble hockey has become already. After 5 OTs last night pushed the Bruins game back to this morning, the Bruins double OT game today then pushed the Islanders game back 90 minutes and around and around we go.

The Bruins are back at it Thursday night at 8 pm as they try to take a 2-0 lead in the first round series.

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