#RushHourRap – Big Sean – High Rise

If you’ve been watching the NBA playoffs at all then you’ve been hearing a lot of Big Sean lately as they’ve been using tracks off his new Detroit 2 album over game highlights. (The NBA does this every year and plays one artist ad nauseam, it was Logic last year and it was Kendrick the year before that). D2 is a return to form for Big Sean and it’s peak features a collab with the late Nipsey Hussle on “Deep Reverence.” Not to be a rap hipster, but I wanted to throw it back to 2010 for a minute when Big Sean was ready to blow but still grinding on the mixtape game. The Don Cannon produced “High Rise” is one of the first Big Sean tracks I heard and is still one of my favorites. It just embodies everything about him as Big Sean has always exuded youth, charm, and an effortless cool. Tracks like this remind you what its like to be 20 years old again. Just as he predicted in his music, not long after this Big Sean was Finally Famous.

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