Dexter is Coming Back





So yesterday from the clouds came the news that Dexter is coming back to Showtime for a limited series 10 episode run. After a brief seven year hiatus it seems like they’re trying to make up for that god awful ending of Dex sailing directly into a hurricane only to somehow survive and go become a lumberjack. God that ending was dumb, but I know we’ve had this discussion so many times on this blog; how many great TV shows really stick the landing? It’s an unenviable task after years and years of buildup and fan expectations, it’s impossible to please everyone. Breaking Bad is the only show that really seemed to nail the finale. Game of Thrones did not, The Sopranos did not, LOST absolutely did not, hell even the Seinfeld finale was a weird letdown.

But in the age of streaming many beloved TV shows have regained new life. Whether it’s Arrested Development, 24, Roseanne, Fuller House, Prison Break, Will & Grace etc. These revived shows of yesteryear are usually either a blatant cash grab, a nostalgia bomb, or a make good for a poorly received finale. The point is, in the age of streaming fans have more power than they’ve ever had before.

With all that being said and after the taste the finale left in my mouth, I am all in on Dexter making a comeback. Reports say it starts shooting next year and is likely to air in fall 2021. This show was one of my favorites in college and was one of the first I truly binge watched bumming DVDs off friends because this was before Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime etc. But when Dexter was good, it was GREAT so it will be awesome to see Michael C. Hall back in the shoes of our favorite serial killer. Granted the show kind of waned in the last couple of seasons with convoluted plots and forced storylines.

Like I said though, when this show was good it was great as it had some incredible acting. John Lithgow even won an Emmy for his role as Arthur Mitchell in Season 4.

Dexter won four Emmys, two Golden Globes, and Michael C. Hall himself earned 27 award nominations including a Golden Globe win for Best Actor.

The show featured some all-time shocking TV moments like finding out who the Ice Truck Killer was, Rita in the bathtub, Deb vs LaGuerta over Dexter, the affable Lithgow dropping an absolutely nuclear C-bomb on his wife, or Sgt. Doakes catching Dexter with a one liner so popular it became a meme.

But what really sealed Dexter as an all-time show for me was the incredibly powerful Dark Passenger monologue from Hall in Season.

Now that is acting.

So I am ready for some more Dexter in my life and I’ll have my credit card ready for you Showtime, just name the premiere date.

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