Mel Gibson Plays Santa Claus Being Hunted By An Assassin In His New Movie “Fatman”

It’s too early to be in the Christmas spirt…or so I thought. Enter Mel Gibson, who has gifted us with his new movie “Fatman” in which the Oscar winner plays a grizzled, bitter, gun wielding Santa Claus who is being hunted by an assassin (Walton Goggins) hired by a kid that’s upset for receiving coal for Christmas.

I shit you not.

I am 1000% buying this straight to digital Christmas Miracle when it comes out on November 17th. It honestly looks like a fake trailer from the days of College Humor so I’m still waiting for Mel Gibson admit unfortunately this isn’t real. But it’s produced by Saban Films and it’s got a legit IMDB page so I’m pretty sure this isn’t some elaborate prank.

It does however remind me of another awesomely tongue in cheek B-movie: FDR American Badass.

If you haven’t seen that movie do yourself a favor, take the 90 minutes, and thank me later. Hell it’s even on YouTube.

Although if we’re being honest it will be hard for Mel Gibson to top his greatest role playing a beloved cultural icon.

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