#RushHourRap – Benny The Butcher – One Way Flight

What’s a stage with no mic and no voice of a poet?
What’s more important, the flower or the soil that grow it?
Yeah, it’s cool, but one rule, don’t get caught in the moment

As Ron Burgundy once said, “Drink it in, it always goes down smooth” and thats exactly what this track is: smooth. Benny the Butcher released his new project “Burden of Proof” last month, which HotNewHipHop is calling “one of the best albums of the year.” If you needed any more convincing, the whole album was produced by Hit-Boy, who if you didn’t know has produced some of your favorite songs like Paris by Jay-Z and Kanye, Trophies by Drake, Clique by GOOD Music, Drop the World by Lil Wayne, Sicko Mode by Travis Scott and the list goes on and on. Get your earbuds in and get this album going right now.

Shoutout to Gary for the rec

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