Man Wearing a Red Sox Hat Somehow Doesn’t Recognize Manny Ramirez in Painfully Awkward Video

My first thought is to call this guy a gigantic asshole for not recognizing one of the greatest Red Sox players of all time, while wearing a Red Sox hat.

That’s the 2004 World Series MVP!

That’s a 12x All-Star!

That’s a guy who hit 30/100 for the Sox in six straight seasons!

On the other hand, I am also a huge hat guy and thus a fan of random caps from all kinds of teams. One time I was wearing a Tennessee Vols snapback that I bought for $3 because it was a sweet hat. I shit you not the first time I wore it some guy ran up to me while I was waiting for the T absolutely beaming. This guy was PUMPED that he ran into another Volunteer in downtown Boston…until I had to break his heart and tell him I just liked the hat and that I’d never even been to Tennessee. It was like telling a kid Santa Clause doesn’t exist.

Then again, it’s Manny fucking Ramirez, so this guy is indeed a giant asshole. If not for failing to recognize Manny, then definitely for refusing to give someone else the time of day because a stranger dared bother him in public.

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