Tom Cruise Went Ballistic Over a Couple Guys Ignoring COVID Protocols and Not Wearing Masks On Set

Ya know, I used to think Tom Cruise was kind of like a Streisand, but he’s really rocking the shit out of this one. Normally I’d feel bad for the poor schmuck working on the set of a movie facing the wrath of some out of touch, prima donna actor like the infamous Christian Bale flip out. But not this time. Wear the goddamn mask or we all lose our jobs seems like a pretty reasonable request. If people are flaunting Covid protocols I can understand the frustration, especially as we go through a borderline culture war in this country between people that take masks seriously and people that don’t. But on top of that, if you’re the boss, the star of the movie, the producer etc. and people are straight up ignoring what you’re telling them to do? You’re fired. Seriously, don’t even grab a bagel.

Just channeling his inner Les Grosman while absolutely undressing some unsuspecting crew member.

Now to be fair, Cruise is a certified lunatic and is a lieutenant in the very fake and very nefarious “religion” that is Scientology. It’s crazy how powerful that group has become without imploding from one of the thousands of scandals they’ve been involved in. I mean just take a look at the Nxivm self help sex cult that got pretty far on slick talking self help gurus, celebrity members, and straight up blackmail before falling apart. The Nxivm leader Keith Raniere just got popped and sentenced to 120 years in prison. So it’s crazy how Scientology has become this big (they legit have a church in the not exactly affordable Back Bay neighborhood) especially considering just how ridiculous the entire religion is, and thats coming from a Catholic. I’ve watched a couple of documentaries and read plenty of articles of all the weird and treacherous stuff this group has gotten up to over the years, but I don’t think anyone has skewered while actually explaining what Scientology actually is better than South Park.

Just had to include that in the interest of objectivity because I am a former Big J Journalist.

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