#RushHourRap – Cozz ft. J. Cole – Zendaya

A side note, I’m rootin’ for you, I use these bars and start recruitin’ for you
But treat her right
And just remember, on your lonely nights this mic will be your friend
You tell it all your secrets that you keepin’ deep within
Your fantasies, regrets, your happy moments and your sins
And if he doesn’t comprehend, at least he can pretend
Let’s begin to be the men we never seen

J. Cole really is a one man murderers’ row of guest spots, including this 2018 feature on Cozz’s “Zendaya” track. Cozz is a member of Cole’s record label, Dreamville, and has been featured throughout Cole’s Revenge of the Dreamers series that’s essentially acted as a spotlight for his up and coming artists. Cole has spoken extensively about how he intentionally got on as many other artist’s tracks as possible to show people what he can really do when he’s in his bag. So much so that he even rapped on “A Lot” how nobody even wants him on their song anymore because he’s that good.

I never was one for the bragging and boasting
I guess I was hoping the music would speak for itself, but the people want everything else
Okay, no problem, I’ll show up on everyone album
You know what the outcome will be
I’m batting a thousand
It’s got to the point that these rappers don’t even like rappin’ with me

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