This Violin Player Behind the “Thong Song” is a Must Watch Video

This is art.

If you didn’t know what the Thong Song was and you heard this violin player you’d think this was part of the Boston Pops Orchestra. If you played this clip for your grandmother she would be delighted, that’s how good the strings are on this 1999 classic.

Shoutout to Sisqo for making an era defining song for millennials everywhere before they even knew what the hell he was talking about. Over 20 years later and that song still SLAPS every single time you hear it. And the video truly is a time capsule into the late 90s/early 2000s when wildly over the top TRL music videos ruled the world. Just leather vests, cowboy hats, gigantic asses, and highly choreographed routines with monochromatic backup dancers

Apparently Vice has been making all sorts of these behind the scenes mini docs on how songs like this were originally created and it is fascinating. I highly recommend you watch the entire episode on the Thong Song below because it is incredible.

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