Fire Flames Jersey Alert: Red Sox Unveil Boston Marathon Jerseys

I’m not going to overthink it and get too verbose. These are sick, plain and simple. Granted if you’re not from Boston these probably look like some failed Easter Peeps yellow cross promotion. But hey, if you know you know. What’s more, the Red Sox never do stuff like this, which is fair considering the logo and the team colors comprise one of the most recognizable and historic brands in the world. It is nice to switch it up every once in a while though and for better or for worse that’s exactly what a partnership with Nike will deliver.

Obviously these are an homage to the Boston Marathon, which is a legitimate holiday around here turned fierce display of local pride after the Marathon bombings back in 2013.

I was a huge fan of the BOSTON B-Strong jerseys the Sox wore, immortalized by David Ortiz’ “This is our fucking city” speech, when they returned to play after that tragedy.

So it’s cool to see the Sox tapping into a huge part of the Boston culture for a new alternate. A lot of these City Edition jerseys in the NBA have already become kind of forced, but I would say Nike hit the nail on the head with the first of its City Connect MLB jerseys.

The stenciled lettering on the chest is a slick callback to the Marathon finish line and I love the pinned bib on the sleeve too, real nice touch there.

Now the Boston Marathon may not be happening on Patriots Day again this year due to Covid, but the Sox are still playing at 11:05 am so we can all still down some Bud Lattes before noon as we slowly resume some semblance of normalcy.

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