#RushHourRap – Rexx Life Raj – Lockheed Martin

You only get one life at the end of the day, some people work they whole life and give it away
Midlife crisis full of dreams they didn’t chase live with the regret of all of the risks that they didn’t take

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of conscious rappers from the old heads like Common to the current king of the game in J. Cole and Rexx Life Raj scratches that itch for anyone looking for something new. Rexx Life Raj isn’t a ringtone rapper, he frequently mocks wannabe gangster rappers, and was even a D1 athlete playing on a football scholarship protecting the blindside of current Cowboys Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore at Boise State (although he was a couple of years after the Statue of Liberty play). The Berkley, California native has been putting out music for a few years working with the likes of Russ and E-40, but I was turned onto him when he dropped “Lockheed Martin” in June of this year. The Ringer actually did a feature on him last year if you’re looking for a good profile of his come up. Check out Rexx Life Raj and let us know what you think of him and the whole #RushHourRap playlist on Spotify.

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