Red Sox

Red Sox Add to The Most Expensive Bench in MLB

Rusney Castillo

Rusney Castillo Basically Left Out – Here we go again, another disaster of a contract in Boston. $72 million for a platoon player in Rusney Castillo. The Sox have signed a lot of shitty contracts the last 10 years, whether Edgar Renteria, Julio Lugo, Carl Crawford etc. Except this one might be the worst. Sure all the guys on that list were terrible, but at least they STARTED. The Sox butchered this so bad, signing a guy solely off a workout, without ever having seen him play and now they have a 25th man making more than most of the team. Best case scenario, Rusney turns into a super-sub (which is what his replacement Brock Holt is supposed to be doing instead of taking his job). In that case, fine it’s John Henry’s money to burn, but if not. Then they’ll have a lot of pricey dead roster spots. Belichick must be sick thinking about this on his boat in Nantucket.

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