Red Sox

Clay Buchholz Bombs His Season Debut


Screenshot 2016-04-08 at 4.04.35 PM

Give me a goddamn break, Clay. Four innings, five earned runs and a 7-6 loss to the powerhouse Indians. I did not have high hopes for Clay coming into the season and I’m not going to overreact to one outing, but holy hell this guy is brutal. I’m sure he’ll run off a string of a few starts throwing zeroes and every writer in town will tell you he’s finally put it all together. It’s great to have a guy with that potential in your rotation, but not as your No. 2 and someone you’re going to have to legit depend on throughout the year and if you somehow get there, the playoffs.

I read a Scott Lauber tidbit saying that during Clay’s 13 start stretch last season when he posted an ERA of 2.55, Buchholz only threw to veteran backup Sandy Leon, not once pitching to rookie Blake Swihart. Couple that with the fact he likes to call his own game and you seem to have a guy stuck in his ways. Awesome. Maybe after 10 years of shitty results we can try something new? No? Alright.

Somebody get this guy some BullFrog ASAP. So what if it was 34 degrees outside? Could not have been any more suspect than wearing sunscreen in a fucking dome.

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