Kendrick Perkins Kinda Sorta Hints Kevin Durant Might Consider the Celtics


ESPN – With the Celtics hoping to be one of the teams making a pitch to Durant in free agency this summer, Perkins was peppered with questions about Oklahoma City’s star forward.
I’m not gonna let myself get worked up about another stud free agent potentially coming to the Celtics because what always happens is once summer actually rolls around Trader Danny can’t even get a meeting with said free agent. Every. Time. I don’t know if Perk is playing coy here like he actually knows something. Don’t toy with us like that Perk, one wink, one nod and I’ll run down to the Pro Shop right now for a custom Durant Celtics jersey.

P.S. – Perk is totally full of shit if he doesn’t think the Celtics would have won the title in 2010 if he doesn’t get hurt. I still remember berating my TV watching that slob Rasheed Wallace sucking air in Game 7 because he was so out of shape. People don’t forget, Sheed.

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