How Disrespectful is it for the Bruins to Try and Sell Me Celtics Playoff Gear?


Just got this email in my inbox and I had to do a double take…

Screenshot 2016-04-15 at 1.06.36 PM

I know the Bruins and the Celtics operate in the same building, but after the embarrassment of choking away another playoff berth, the Bruins should not be in the business of hawking playoff gear for another team. The only time the word “playoffs” should be coming out of their mouths is when talking about what changes will be made to make sure they get there next year. Not being a pop-up shop for the Celtics to sell t-shirts.

PS – Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love the way the Celtics play all out, all-for-one type ball, but that One Superstar t-shirt was asking for it.

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