Las Vegas Raiders Dream is Still Alive!


ESPN – Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis will attend a meeting with Nevada tourism officials Thursday in Las Vegas to discuss relocating to a proposed domed stadium there…The location for the proposed Las Vegas stadium is a 42-acre lot on Tropicana Avenue, a few blocks off the Strip.
This has to happen. Listen the Raiders want to move because Oakland is a dump and why move to LA just to be Stan Kroenke and the Rams little brother? You really wanna be the Clippers for the next 30 years?

Now would an NFL team in Vegas be a disaster? Probably. Best case scenario the Raiders spawn some kind of weird tourist fan base like Siegfried and Roy or when the Backstreet Boys set up shop in town for a few months. Worst case scenario is half the players can’t control themselves in Sin City with all the debauchery, drinking, drugs and gambling. In other words, exactly how Al Davis would have wanted it.

This immediately would become the top destination for any guys looking to catch a game out of town. Fly in on a Friday, destroy your body all weekend and then have a few Bloody Mary’s at the stadium Sunday afternoon watching the game that you 100% have bet your rent on. Sign me up.

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