Sacramento Kings Getting People to Tattoo New Logo On Themselves

Courtesy of ESPN

Courtesy of ESPN

SB Nation – The team, however, has decided to go even further by inviting fans to get tattoos of the logos for free on Wednesday. So, at five designated tattoo parlors, fans lined up immediately.

As a guy that loves tattoos, but has never had the stones to pull the trigger and get one, this is bananas. Yet I respect the hell out of it. Getting a tattoo as part of a publicity stunt is some bold stuff, especially for a team that has changed its logo yet again. It’s not like the Yankees “NY” or something that hasn’t changed in a hundred years. But tattooed folk are like a guy sitting at a hot blackjack table. If you’ve already got a couple, whats another one? Hit me. ESPECIALLY if that shit is free. All while being branded for a garbage basketball team.

With that being said..the secondary logo of the lion is fire.



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