Amendola Takes a Hair Cut to Keep Winning with the Patriots


CSNNE – Asked how he came to make the decision, Amendola repeatedly explained that there was nowhere else he wanted to be. In order to remain with the Patriots, he was willing to cut his base salary down from $5 million to $1.25 million.

Carports for everybody! Danny Amendola you beautiful sonofabitch. Amendola took a pretty substantial pay cut to stay with the Pats because he loves the team, the coach, the city, but above all else the dude wants to win. Amendola spent a longg time in St. Louis when the Rams were a glorified college team just pissing away the prime years of a lot of guys. No way he’s going back to a hell hole like that to make a few more bucks.

Rumblings started surfacing again this offseason after Amendola restructured his deal last offseason too. What originally was put into place as a replace Wes Welker deal, was starting to seem a little rich for Belichick and co. Danny’s a smart dude, he banked a lot of money the first season plus where he was largely hurt or ineffective. So maybe in his head it all evens out. But after putting in the work with TB12 and finally getting right physically he’s been money and is now one of Brady’s most trusted targets and rarely even drops a ball, unlike some other guys.

Never forget the Edelman to Amendola touchdown against the Ravens either; that one goes into the Patriots Porn Hall of Fame.

Plus Kay Adams ain’t too bad of an incentive.

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