Celtics Banking on Banners to Bring in Free Agents, Again


ESPN – Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens seems flattered when it’s suggested to him that free agents might consider Boston as a destination because of his presence, but he firmly believes that the 17 championship banners that hang above the TD Garden floor are the team’s biggest attraction.

This is what drives me nuts about the Celtics every summer. I’m sure Stevens is just being modest trying to push the focus off himself, but let’s be real. I appreciate the history of the Celtics — Red Auerbach, 17 titles, Russell, Bird etc. Danny Ainge appreciates the history of the Celtics so do Wyc Grousbeck and all the fans. But NBA players don’t give a shit. Nothing better than a little self awareness, guys.

Not to say there aren’t players out there who really do love the history like Pierce and KG, but those guys learned to love it. Garnett initially refused a trade to come to Boston. It was only after playing here that he grew to love the city, the banners and of course Gino. That’s why the Celtics have never landed a big free agent…ever. Guys want to play in LA and schmooze or down in South Beach and duck state taxes. So I just can’t buy into the pipe dream yet again that this free agent class is the one that will be full of history students. The only way to really rebuild this team is through mammoth, monster trades. Make these guys realize what they’re missing.

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