Andy Reid Continues to Be a Master of Clock Management


Andy Reid’s latest bungling of clock management and overall basic common sense once again fucked his team good. Guy just doesn’t ever, ever learn. Tried to ice a kicker in freezing temperatures on a 53 yard Field Goal. WHY? What are the odds he actually makes that kick on the first try? I don’t know the answer to that, I’m not a mathematician. But, I’ll tell you, those odds sure as shit double when you give him TWO TRIES. Moron. (The NFL kindly avoided any references to Andy Reid’s terrible coaching decisions in their game recap though.)

This just further proves my point of how incestual the NFL really is. There’s no other explanation for how guys like him and Jeff Fisher keep getting head coaching jobs. They’ve proven they are not good coaches, but are somehow revered as so without ever having won anything.

Maybe, I’m spoiled being a Patriots fan, but why settle for a guy you know is going to mismanage the clock and lose you a game in crunch time when you could try and hit on a young coach? And don’t tell me consistency because thats how the Rams were consistently 7-9 for the last 5 years.


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