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After the Recent Hit Piece on the Patriots I Have Never Been More Confident Than I am in Them This Weekend

ESPN – The Patriots are in uncharted territory. They haven’t just won games and titles. They’ve won at an unprecedented rate and over an unprecedented span, which makes the feelings of entitlement creeping inside Gillette Stadium unprecedented as well. The … Continue reading

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If Your Name’s Not Colin Kaepernick Then the Media is Not Happy With You Working Out for the Titans

So Marcus Mariota went down last week and the Titans need to sign another QB as an emergency option. Someone that the team hopes will, ya know, not play. It came out that the Titans worked out four guys – … Continue reading

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Vince Young Cut from CFL Team Probably Ends Football Career

Yahoo – Vince Young deserved credit for doing whatever it took to get back into football. In his case, it was a trip to the Canadian Football League. However, Young’s body betrayed him. According to the Houston Chronicle, Young’s agent … Continue reading

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Andy Reid Continues to Be a Master of Clock Management

Andy Reid’s latest bungling of clock management and overall basic common sense once again fucked his team good. Guy just doesn’t ever, ever learn. Tried to ice a kicker in freezing temperatures on a 53 yard Field Goal. WHY? What … Continue reading

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